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The Marine Mammal
Consulting Group (MMCG)

MMCG is an independent consulting firm created in response to increased environmental mitigation requirements for offshore projects. MMCG prepares compliance documents, develops mitigation strategies and provides monitoring teams to avoid potential impacts to marine mammals and other wildlife. These same services are offered in connection with submerged cultural and historical resources as well as with permit compliance requirements.

Establishment of the Marine
Mammal Consulting Group, Inc.

MMCG was established in 1992 by Peter Howorth and Lad Handelman. Howorth has worked with marine mammals since 1962. He is recognized by state and federal regulatory agencies as a mitigation expert. He has worked extensively in this country as well as in other countries. Handelman was a founder and CEO of two of today's premier offshore underwater contractors, Oceaneering International and Cal Dive International.

Our Goal
MMCG’s goal is to ensure that projects can be successfully completed in a cost-effective manner without significant impacts to marine wildlife. MMCG accomplishes this goal through comprehensive planning and diligent execution.

The Preferred Choice
MMCG is the contractor of choice when it comes to environmental planning and offshore mitigation. In the performance of hundreds of projects during the span of this last decade, no significant impacts to marine wildlife have occurred when MMCG has performed the mitigation. No complaints from the public, environmental groups or regulatory agencies have been made for any MMCG projects.

MMCG’s leadership position was earned through:
• Meticulous planning in the early stages of project development;
• Careful selection and rigorous training of offshore monitoring teams;
• Strict adherence to agency requirements; and
• Consistently maintaining the highest standards as independent, professional consultants.

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Numerous offshore industries are faced with increasing environmental regulations. MMCG helps industry comply with such regulations, yet still complete projects on time and on budget. MMCG uses a cost-effective, multidisciplinary approach to environmental planning and mitigation.
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MMCG provides scientific support and marine equipment for offshore research projects involving marine mammals, sea birds, fish and invertebrates, physical oceanography, and numerous other subjects. MMCG principals have decades of experience in fielding and supporting research teams in remote offshore areas.
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Since 9/11, national defense is a priority. MMCG supports the military mission through carefully balanced environmental planning and mitigation measures designed to ensure compliance with environmental requirements, while still allowing programs to be initiated.
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MMCG provides support and guidance to numerous government agencies. MMCG produces solid, defensible environmental planning documents based on sound science.
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